> Nov 07 2009--Blanco y Negro Jazz Club Colonia


On the corner of Flor and Itzunaiga in Colonia you'lll find a rock building with sidewalk tables and big "Promocion" chalkboards out front. Don't pass it by. Blanco y Negro is a wonderful place, serving parilla and entradas, and has a delightful and excellent staff, along with good prices. If you ask for Tia Maria and cream, don't expect to have some half n half poured in with it, it's served with a plate of hand whipped cream that is deliciously rich and tasty when stirred into the coffee liquer. And on most nights, you will find music. Excellent jazz from guitar trios to saxophone players to singers. This restaurant hosts the annual Colonia Jazz Weekend in February of each year, and believe me, next time we come or if we decide to move here, we'll be here in February to listen and smile.