> Christmas 2009 in Pittsburgh

Curled up in bed with his teething ring
Swayze had a Guayo necklace
Jenn Master Fire Starter
Zach and Jason
Peepaw curled up in the chair
Guayo sitting nicely awaiting presents
Zach Dad and Sid sitting up waiting for those presents
Beautiful fireplace with warming fire
Dad and Sid on Christmas Morning
Mitchell Box Head Boy
Mama holding the present while Guayo opens it
Guayo opening up his presents
Before the debaucle begins
Hey Santa was here with goodies for the stockings
All the gifts lined up in a row before the craziness begins
Ruth Zach and Mitch opening cards and Santa presents
Guayo checking out gifts with Jenn and Mitch
Opening gifts galore both Mitch and Zach
Jason with new stereo and speakers for his car
Opening and testing the loot
Spy Guy Mitch with his binoculars
Ruth got a new XBox
Zach and his Nerf missle launcher
Mitch with his Spy Guy rearview glasses
Guayo opening is presents
Wow lots of loot
Grey and drizzly but no more snow for Christmas
Ruth Jenn Roy and Guayo relaxing after the gift openings
Bakugan are hits with Mitch and Zach alike
Zach with candy cane and Bakugan
Mitchell with his Bakugan gauntlet
Roy and Guayo taking a post package opening nap
Mitchell and Zach Christmas morning 2009
Bakugan droids all opened up
Bakugan prior to metamorphisis
A little Bakugan all folded up
The metamorphisized Bakugan
A Bakugan after its metamorphisis
A little puppy nap before dinner
Jenn in her kitchen
Jenn starting Christmas dinner
JEnn and Guayo taking a post present and pre dinner nap
Jason carving the turkey
Everyone ready for Christmas dinner
Still lots of leftovers